Epoxy composite surface treatment of metals

    Electronic warfare has become an important modern war composition, the world race to develop a variety of electronic warfare technology, making electronic warfare has broken through the communication and radar interference for the purpose of self-defense areas, toward the command, charges, optical and computer systems and many other confrontations between the development. Modern battlefield electromagnetic environment deteriorating, especially when the electromagnetic wave through a sensitive weapon system components, the easy command and control system failure or command error, or the explosive, ammunition, explosive devices electrical and electronic fuses and other electromagnetic energy combustion explosion occurred under the effect of seriously affected the safety and use of weapons and equipment performance.

    Epoxy composites with lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging, cost-effective, easy molding, etc., in the cruise missiles, rockets and other weapons and equipment on a large number of applications. Traditional epoxy composites because of low dielectric constant, are insulating materials, through higher waves, can not meet the weapons of modern warfare in the electromagnetic shielding performance requirements. Therefore, epoxy composite metal surface treatment, it has a metallic-like conductivity and microwave are not by nature, is a material application process research priorities.

    Composite electroplating is to achieve an effective metal surface technology, surface treatment of metals and non-metallic in a wide range of applications. However, the epoxy resin composite excellent corrosion resistance to acid, the ordinary plating process is difficult to achieve the surface metallization. Usually surface coating conductive paint, molding paste or direct metal film coating the metal co-curing method, but the presence of electromagnetic shielding performance is not satisfactory, process complexity or cost too high and so difficult to control defects, the current domestic yet to see Epoxy Resin Composites Electroplating reported. In this paper, a special epoxy composite surface activation technology, without affecting the molding technology, composition and performance of the premise, the use of existing mature plastic plating process, to achieve large-scale component epoxy resin matrix composites the surface of the metal, engineering applications has been made.

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