Carbon fiber composite material in wire and cable application

Its inherent characteristics of carbon fiber gives excellent performance of its composite material, which has high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature, corrosion, fatigue, creep, electrical conductivity, heat transfer and thermal expansion coefficient and a series of excellent performance, and thus for the application of wire and cable industry made it possible and necessary. A carbon fiber cables in the development and application of heat

It has long been known to metal materials for the electrical heating element heating technology has been widely in various fields of application. However, under high temperature wire easily oxidized surface, the oxide layer thickness constant, resulting in the effective area is reduced through the current, increasing the current load, so easy to blow. In the same area allowed under current load, the strength of wire 6-10 times lower than that of carbon fiber, easy to break during use.

Carbon fiber is a graphite, layered structure composed of hexagonal lattice, is a full black body material, thus heating applications, demonstrated by the electric conversion efficiency. In certain conditions, the high temperature oxidation, the load per unit area of the current strength and mechanical strength does not change.

At present the application of carbon fiber heating cables are as follows:

Low-temperature radiant floor heating cable heating system.

Temperature brood boxes, greenhouse, nurseries, greenhouses and other insulation heating.

Roads of snow, airport runways of snow: for the concrete structure ideal for floor heating, melting snow can also be used in devices, rainwater and drainage pipes on the roof for frost, but also can be used for soil heating.

Pipelines, tank insulation frost: electric heating products in recent years in China have been vigorously promoting and widely used. Its application field mainly concentrated in the petroleum, chemical, electric power, railway and civil or commercial construction. With the development of China's power industry to clean, no secondary pollution, the electric power as the main heating energy market prospects are very broad, but also for the performance of electric heating products, put forward higher requirements.

Football turf, soil preservation of public green space: additional heater solar water heater electrical energy is mainly used in the long rainy days or winter season, due to lack of light caused by solar water heater temperature can not meet the life, works required, designed to supplement the heat. It has strong resistance to heat, cold and hot and humid environment, performance, and has anti-dry function. Even if occasionally wrong tank water power, that does not burn out electric heaters and water tanks, and it could to ensure safety.

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