High-speed railway construction giant chain to form a composite material

    High-speed railway construction for the new materials industry significant opportunities. High-speed rail investment next 3 years the amount will reach 9,000 billion yuan, an annual investment of more than 3,000 billion yuan, for the high-speed rail system complementary chemical materials will play an increasingly important role in China's high-speed railway construction materials not only to new opportunities for the development of enterprises, but also to the new materials industry has put forward higher requirements.

    Body materials, the current use of stainless steel and aluminum, due to increasingly high demand for lightweight vehicles, composites growing concern. High-speed train, Italy ETR500 front protrusion part is used aramid fiber reinforced epoxy resin FRP, the French state railway company (SNCF) in the TGV high speed train made of carbon and glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin coated foam honeycomb core.

    Bogie, the bogie must meet the safety, comfort and wear-resistant operation, easy maintenance requirements. To use more high-quality carbon steel, low alloy low carbon high strength steel, weathering steel architecture. Recent research focus for the manufacture of polymer composite materials and aluminum framework. Germany developed the world's first fiber composite bogie frame.

    Vehicle interior and equipment, vehicles and equipment are decorative interior panels, toilets, the bathroom room, seats and water tanks should be mainly aluminum and polymer materials, such as decorative panels made of aluminum alloy on the composite layer of noncombustible of fiber reinforced plastic, toilet, the bathroom room, seating and water also take into account health and resistance to corrosion, but also to non-flammable better.

    Pantograph slide materials, locomotive pantograph slide is an important set of power supply system in electric components, and its use must be economic security, both Catenary wire wear small, self-sufficient life, without affecting the bow net relationship. Study at home and abroad have been immersed metal carbon slide into the practical stage, at the same time should also increase the carbon fiber composite materials for a slide of metal, this slide in the collector, lubrication, anti-impact performance will exceed the current Some metal skateboard, carbon skateboard, carbon skateboard and immersed metal powder skateboard, its application prospects.

    Track System, the slab track is a long rail, fastening systems, rail board, cement asphalt mortar, concrete block base and convex sets consisting of a new type of track structure. In order to have some flexibility in slab track, and the location of the fixed track structure, the concrete base and the orbital plate, and between the convex block sets the buffer material layer around the filling, construction of concrete structures while eliminating errors. General use of the buffer filling material is currently asphalt cement mortar, made of concrete, asphalt, sand and a mixture of various admixtures, commonly known as CA mortar.

    Rail tracks are used in polymer vibration and noise reduction materials up to a dozen. Polyurethane, carbon fiber composite material, thermoplastic elastomer, polyvinyl chloride, silicon rubber, epoxy resin, butyl rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, EPDM rubber and so on. Convex block table filled with polyurethane resin, a low viscosity, ease of construction; anti-settlement effect, has a high bearing strength and toughness, excellent impact resistance, and has good adhesive strength, excellent fatigue resistance, heat aging resistance and corrosion resistance and so on.

    For high-speed railway bed and track damping material between the polyester polyether elastomer, domestic manufacturers can not meet demand, mainly imported from abroad. The DuPont polyester polyether elastomer material prices in the 10 million or more per ton. If the material to achieve localization, the price can be reduced by half.

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