Chung Chi Diamond: the art of one-eighth the power of composite materials

    Using the new model transformation frame and insulation materials imported sintering process, the city, a diamond tool enterprises have tasted the sweetness of energy: H15 head number of a sintered into a 15 by 10, the average per head lower the sintering time from 40 seconds to 35 seconds, than it saves about one-eighth of the power consumption.

Raw materials increased pressure

    Continued to rise in raw material prices, rising labor costs, the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate facing the pressure to bring about the development of diamond tools industry no small challenge. Diamond Tools Ltd., Chung Chi city to adjust, "eyes" inward, increasing the sintering and sintering press transformer transformation, aim to achieve cost efficiency and offset the pressure of rising costs. "The introduction of cold equipment, elimination of high energy-consuming equipment, the production process innovation, is to reduce energy consumption." Person in charge of the enterprise, the company also invested heavily in developing energy-saving equipment and personnel, as well as water recycling equipment, as far as possible reduce the loss of hydropower resources.

Cost-saving energy-saving renovation

    The most energy-saving companies the color of a move is against the heated main components - transformers, improved raw materials and the internal structure, than the transformation of the former in order to achieve savings of about 8% of the power consumption. "With the new alternative enameled glass envelope, as a coil line, while increasing the cross sectional area of a coil wire."

    According to reports, while "operation" was also part of key control - SCR trigger mode, the design and safe use of advanced phase-shift trigger. "General hot-pressing machine, the average hourly power consumption of 60 kilowatts, is the power consumption of large electrical equipment." The official said, after the transformation, in the case of the same power output than the transformation of the former can save about 8% power consumption.

    The sintering process aspects of the transformation is much more "simple", mainly the introduction of high bending strength of composite insulation board imports. This reporter has learned the benefits of this are obvious: the H15's head, for example, each furnace can hold 10 to 15 head head, greatly increased the number of single-mode sintering. In addition, the transformation of the former, the average per head to be 40 seconds of sintering time, sintering is not efficient, power consumption, per head, the average modified the sintering time can be reduced to 35 seconds, this transformation can only save about 12.5% of the power consumption.

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