Product:XP/XPC/XXXP Phenolics

XP/XPC/XXXP Phenolics 
XP/XPC/XXXP Phenolics

Product parameters

Phenolic Paper Laminated sheets (also known as: paper based phenolic laminate, paper reinforced phenolic, paper based bakelite sheet, phenolic sheet, bakelite phenolic resin laminates, bakelite board, phenolic resin paper based laminate, phenolic resin unclad laminate)


These grades are comprised of a phenolic resin binder and a insulating kraft paper substrate.

These are general purpose grades with superior electrical, mechanical properties, and easy to process.


They are widely used for electrical & mechanical parts, such as switchboards, panel boards, insulating washers,bushing, punched component, etc. They are also suitable for PCB drilling process.


1) Grade:  XP/ XPC/ XXXPC

2) Color:  Natural; Orange; Black

3) Thickness range: 0.5mm to 50mm.

4) Sheet Size:  1020*1220mm; 1020*2040mm; 1220*2470mm

5) Minimum Order: 200 kgs in a lot

 6) Packing: 500-1,000kgs/pallet or as required