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Ʒ:ESD FR4/G10 sheet

ESD FR4/G10 sheet 
ESD FR4/G10 sheet


Product description

ESD FR4/G10 sheet (Anti-static laminated sheet) is made from electrical glasscloth or glass mat that impregnated with epoxy resin, high temperaute resin and anti-static resin under pressure,with high mechanical strength, heat resistance, with good anti-static permeability. 

We have three types of ESD (Electro-Static Dissipative) fiberglass sheet. Customer can choose the most suitable type according to different applications.

1. Single side Antistatic FR4 Sheet, one side with black antistatic, one side with light green insulation. Inside is light green.

2. Double sides Antistatic FR4 Sheet, both two sides surface with black antistatic, Inside is light green.

3. Overall Antistatic FR4 Sheet, color is black, and provide overall stable resistivity value at each point.



Changda ESD FR4/G10 product is intended for parts and components used in static-sensitive equipment.

Circuit Board Testers
Solder Pallets
Assembly Fixtures
Carrier Pallets
Work Surfaces
Automated Test Equipment

Item Units Value
Surface ESD FR4  Whole ESD FR-4
1 Applicable Standards NEMA L1
2 Density g/cm³ 2.002.10 2.002.10
3 Bending strength perpendicular to laminations MPa 340 340
4 Impact strength parallel to laminations( Charpy) kJ/m² 33 33
5 Surface Resistivity(ohms) ohms 106 C 109 106 C 109
6 Voltage endurance parallel to lamination (in oil 902) kV 35 35
7 Voltage endurance perpendicular to lamination (in oil 902)
Thickness 0.5mm kV/mm 16.1 16.1
Thickness 1mm 14.2 14.2
Thickness 2mm 11.8 11.8
Thickness 3mm 10.2 10.2
8 Water absorption
Thickness 0.5mm mg 17 17
Thickness 1.0mm 18 18
Thickness 2.0mm 20 20
Thickness 5.0mm 25 25
Thickness 10.0mm 34 34
9 Flame resistance V0 V0
10 Temperature index   155 155
11 Thickness Available mm 0.3 - 50mm
12 Sheet size available mm 1020mmx1220mm,1220mm*2040mm